Star Privilege Program

Star Privilege is a loyalty program administered by World Star Seiko Travel Philippines Inc. in which members can earn and redeem Star Privilege Points

Travel Luggages

Travel Bag Organizer
1,000 Points

Travel Backpack
1,500 Points

Travel Luggage
2,000 Points

Gift Certificates

SM Gift Certificate
500 Points

Sodexo Gift Certificate
500 Points

Starbucks Gift Certificate
500 Points

Dining Buffet Experience

500 Points

Buffet 101
600 Points

700 Points

800 Points

Travel Items

Domestic Ticket
2,000 Points

Domestic City Tour Ticket
1,500 Points

International City Tour Ticket
2,500 Points

Airport Transfer (Within Manila)
500 Points

Star Privileges Application Online Form


By signing this application form, the member acknowledges and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions as stated in this application form.

The member also gives his or her consent to WSSTI and its authorized service providers in the collection, usage, disclosure, and /or process your personal data in order to inform you about WSSTI’s marketing promotions, events, activities, and including partner’s offers which may be of interest via email or text message.

Check here if you accept these terms.

Star Privilege General Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions stated herein, as defined by World Star Seiko travel Philippines Inc. forms the procedures and guidelines of the issuance and usage of the Star Privilege Card and defines the rights and obligations of the Card Member.

Members of Star Privilege Card are subject to these guidelines and are deemed to have accepted the Terms, Conditions, Guidelines, and Rules thereof upon signing the Membership Application form.

A. Star Privilege

Star Privilege is a loyalty program administered by World Star Seiko Travel Philippines Inc. in which members can earn and redeem Star Privilege Points

B. Membership Enrollment

Star Privilege’s memberships are for corporations, partnerships or any other legal entities as well as loyal individuals. Each member may have only one Star Privilege account.

Membership in Star Privilege Card requires one-time registration and payment join fee of P150.00 (VAT Inc.). Payment once collected is non-refundable. Successful enrollees shall be assigned a certified membership number.

By becoming a Star Privilege Member, members will receive news and promotional offers from and through World Star Seiko Travel. Members may unsubscribe from the distribution list should they wish not to receive such offers.

C. Star Privilege Points

Star Privilege Points accrued by any Member have no cash or monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

For the redemption of Star Privilege Points, those points reflected in WSSTI records shall be deemed correct and WSSTI has the exclusive right to determine the available amount of points to be awarded to or redeemed by the Member.

By redeeming points for Privileges, the Member releases World Star Seiko Travel Philippines Inc. from any and all liability to the Member regarding the use and redemption of the points and on the issuance and usage of said Privileges. Points redeemed may no longer be changed and or canceled.

Information acquired during issuance and redemption of points and during membership processing may be used by World Star Seiko Travel Philippines Inc. for administrative and marketing purposes.

D. Star Privilege Program and Point System

The Star Privilege Points that you earn have no expiration if your account remains active. Any account inactive for Five years will be automatically terminated.

Members are entitled to earn points whenever you are purchasing the following:

  • Airline Tickets (Domestic & International)
  • Hotel & Resort Reservation
  • Group Tour Packages (Domestic & International)
  • Tour Packages (Domestic & International)
  • Cruises
  • Passport Processing
  • Visa Application

Once you reached 500 points, members are entitled to transfer their own points. However, it will not be possible to transfer the points again on their own account.

Also upon entering the 500 point mark, members are entitled to redeem items with their own collected points.

If the member accumulated enough points for redemption, kindly inform the reservation officer that you will redeem points before finalizing a booking transaction.

Point redemption after payment is not allowed.

E. Star Privilege Points Accumulation

Upon acceptance of the card, there are initial 100 points given.

See details below for Points Accumulation:

Domestic Ticket 10 points
International Ticket 15 points
Hotel & Resort Reservation 10 points
Group Tour Package 5% of the total amount paid in USD
Individual Tour Package 50 points
Cruises 50 points
Passport Processing 5 points
Visa Application 5 points

F. Star Privilege Redeemable Items

Gift Certificates SM Gift Certificates 500 points
Sodexo Gift Certificate
Starbucks Gift Certificate
Travel Items Travel Bag Organizer 1,000 points
Travel Backpack 1,500 points
Travel Luggage 2,000 points
Dining Buffet Experience (For 2 Pax) Yakimix 500 points
Buffet 101 600 points
Sambokojin 700 points
Vikings 800 points
Travel Options Domestic Ticket 2,000 points
Domestic City Tour Ticket 1,500 points
Airport Shuttle (Within Manila Only) 500 points
International City Tour Ticket 2,500 points